Types of Bullying

Accidental bullies are people who unexpectedly erupt and frighten colleagues, staff or family. Normally they apologise soon afterwards and promise never to behave in that way again. The bullying was an accidental occurrence.

Vexatious bullies are people who falsely accuse others of bullying them. There are cases being reported of employees being asked by their managers to do a piece of work and refusing to do it. When the manager insists that it be done, the employee alleges that the manager is bullying them. This is vexatious bullying because it is the duty and obligation of a manager to manage.

Serial bullies are people who carefully choose their victims and bully them subtly and cleverly until the victim caves in (by cave in is meant that the person being bullied resigns their job or goes out on long term sick leave or commits suicide). Within days of this 'achievement', the serial bully has chosen his or her next victim. These are evil people and it is desirable that they be given corrective treatment or imprisonement.

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