Fixing Bullying Training for Managers

This is a half-day in-house course for all managers from CEO downwards.

Managers are often unaware of what to do if:

  •         One of their team reports that s/he is being bullied
  •         They are made aware that someone is being bullied
  •         They see bullying taking place
Managers need training on what exactly is the right response when bullying is seen by them or is reported to them.

This course covers
  • How to identify bullies and bullying behaviour and the three types of bullies
  • Understanding the law around bullying
  • When something is bullying versus when something is firm management
  • What to do if bullying is reported to you
  • What to do if you are aware that bullying is happening

Fixing Bullying Training for Employees

This is a half-day in-house for all employees.

Employees are often confused when they are being bullied or when they see a colleague being bullied

This course addresses the following
  •     What is bullying and what is not bullying
  •     How to know if what is happening is bullying or just strong behaviour
  •     The need to gather evidence of being bullied
  •     How to address the bully assertively
  •     How to report bullying to your manager or your manager's manager or HR and what you should expect to happen next.
Some organisations are concerned that giving training in bullying will lead to an influx of legal claims.

The opposite is what happens.

Employees perceive that the company cares for their safety. And, when bullies are removed from organisations productivity, morale and innovation rise within days.


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